The Fields of Lost Tomorrows


On the fields of lost tomorrows
Where the dead, our freedom bought
Stand granite sentinels, watching....
O'er the ground where heroes fought

Where the trumpets have gone silent
And the drums have ceased to beat
Where the flags once waved so bravely
High above the marching feet

The fields of lost tomorrows
Where young men shed their blood
And sacrificed their only lives
To stem the enemies flood

Now quiet, peaceful pastures
The fields have all become
With only songs born of the wind
Where once there roared the guns

These fields of lost tomorrows
Where our hallowed dead now lie
Would be fields of betrayal
Should we let their memories die

For our peace and prosperity
Taken granted for ..... today
Was purchased by the purposed youth
Of dangerous yesterdays

On fields of lost tomorrows
Where their lives they freely gave
Where the cornerstones of liberty
Were laid upon their graves

Where the loved ones of the fallen
Washed the ground with all their tears
As to clean the land of sorrow
For the young of later years

So it should be our duty
To forever sing the praise
Of the dead of lost tomorrows
Whose blood bought .... our bright todays

Dan Harris